The interconnectedness of things

杂志 - The interconnectedness of things


Often referred to as the proliferation of space or the “CCTV effect”, there is a wonderful theory about how space gets used in different ways by different people. Like a series of stills taken from a CCTV camera pointing on one place that might capture a person crossing a road one moment, then a person eating a sandwich the next, followed by a kissing couple, and then a political protest, and then perhaps nothing at all.

It is the marvellous idea that the same place can be reinterpreted, reimagined, redefined by its current occupant or simply by its void. And it is ever-changing, ever-morphing and evolving.

Nowhere is this more noticeable than in the creation of one’s personal space, one’s own four walls, every man’s own castle - his home.

If we macro the idea of influence over one space into more generalist terms, we can begin to see how everything is interconnected. A single living room, a single sofa within a room even, can be the product of a multiple influences from fashion to travel, from a television show to a magazine article, from a photo to a website, from a conversation or from a book.  We are all influenced by the world around us and this has a direct influence on our interpretation of our immediate environment.

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