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After 2 years of intense work, Szabotage launched a collection of street based work on canvas at a private viewing in London in September 2012.

The collection was a mix of subject matterthat shared  a common theme of popular culture and it’s expression through the vivid use of bold colour. Addressing cult subject matter from cinema to religious iconography, the artist demonstrated dynamics dips familiar to street artists that use aerosol cans to create emotional pieces.

Szabotage said, “The vision was to reveal the work in a one off, one night only, pop up exhibition in the heart of Shoreditch.Having learnt from Philippe Starck about the idea of democratising design, I was eager to bring my work back to the streets, away from commercial galleries that often alienate certain people by high price points. Passion for art is classless and is not a respector of economics. I wanted an accessible environment that was open to those with a willingness to see, to interpret, to consider and reflect. In fact, a couple of local homeless people with a bit of an art penchant attend and engage in discussions about the relevance of art.”Held in a run-down car park in Hackney Road E2, the location is known as one of the last remaining cockney plots. The setting is already rich with Shoreditch’s most recognised street artists work Roa Beaver.

jesus 2

“The marquee gave me the perfect opportunity to draw in the attention from the inquisitive passing public. We did create a bit of a juxtaposition by including some luxury sport cars out front. I wanted to created an interplay between wealth and art. The cars posing as parody of taste while art as democracy. Of course no party is complete without food, drink and music, and each musical interlude performed by the DJ and each canapé was specifically chosen to enhance the experience and visual language of the exhibition,” says Szabotage.

The artwork was clearly a documentation of the artist’s creative journey . Szabotage wanted the work to be sold off affordably amongst good friends and locals.

Authentic creations, no fuss and affordability created a frenzy as many saw potential investment opportunity.

“The success was unprecendented We cut works away from their displays and shoved them into their new owners hands. There wasn’t a gift wrap in sight.”

We are very interested to see what Szabotage does next, but we’ll have to wait until the next season of work and his next pop up event in 2013. Watch this space for details.

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