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The proliferation of urbanisation has seen people flooding to the metropolis capitals around the world. As people flood cities and the swelling populations put pressure on infrastructure and basic services such as water and electricity supplies creak under the strain of demand, and pollution and stress rises in the centres of energy, there is a growing desire amongst the disenchanted middle classes to escape the big smoke. There is a harkening for a simpler way, a quieter life… well, at least on the weekend.

It is a global phenomenon. New Yorkers have long escaped the chaos of Manhattan for homes in the Hamptons, west Londoners pack up the children and dogs weekly and head to the Cotswolds and the people of Mumbai escape the 24 hour city with trips to Pune.

TheLakesByYOO 0106

Second homes within a two hour drive of your capital citiy is a global trend. At The Lakes by YOO ( in the Cotswolds, city workers leave behind the pressures of markets, mergers, acquisitions and the mayhem of the square mile to find respite amongst the half million trees surrounding three breathtaking lakes. Truly, water does sooth the soul. The demand for these waterside homes is astonishing. Between fishing, tennis, spa services, walks, fresh lake swims and the ample bird life, you might actually be forgiven for thinking you are in some gorgeous remote Swiss village. Suddenly London feels light years away. And like the time continuum, by the time you do return to the City, it actually feels like you have had a week-long vacation rather than just two night’s in the country.

Pune is considered a “second tier city” in India. Personally, I feel this is a gross misrepresentation of the City’s importance and beauty. Less than two hours from Mumbai, it is fast becoming the second home destination for the glitterati of Bollywood and the market makers of Mumbai. Mumbai generates a significant proportion of the country’s wealth. It is a glorious place of wonderment. Colourful, entertaining… loud!

Bedroom1 YOO Pune YOO by Starck

And sometimes, you just need a little respite. YOOPune ( is a stellar example of what the new Pune looks like. A striking and beautiful development with a commitment to signature design, an escapist’s dream mangrove and vistas that quite simply give you a bit of a headrush. Stunning.

Pune is reknowned for the Osho Meditation Centre, but it is also a thriving manufacturing economy and heavily populated with academics and graduates, boasting one of India’s highest graduates of MBAs each year.

As Virgin Atlantic begins to offer direct flights from London to Mumbai this month and the imminent festival of Diwali leads to a surge of people in the capital, it wouldn’t surprise me, if those that can, choose to leave behind the hustle and bustle and head for calmer shores in Pune.

Destination living isn’t just for one’s primary residence… it is a lifestyle,it goes with you everywhere. And where would be more important than your retreat, your nest, your family second home.




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