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The Arctic is one of the Earth’s most essential life support systems, not only helping to keep the planet cool but also home to an eco-system with species like polar bears, narwhals, birds and foxes – all of which are all threatened with extinction as Arctic sea ice vanishes at a terrifying rate.

Cobbing 1130 Copyright Nick Cobbing Greenpeace
Last year ScanLAB Projects (in collaboration with Cambridge University) travelled to the Arctic aboard the Greenpeace Icebreaker The Arctic Sunrise to document ice floes using a millimetre perfect 3D scanner.  The data produced from this expedition will not only help the sea ice scientists to formulate detailed computer simulations of the movements and behaviour of ice floes, but also forms the basis of this exhibition -- re-fabricated real world scenarios by this London-based company, who specialise in large scale 3D scanning technologies for architecture and design.

In a darkened room frozen saltwater ice floe models (exact small scale replicas of the ones scanned from above and documented by sonar from below) completely melt away into drip trays, and will then be re-frozen and re-hung for the following day. These exhibits are disappearing before our eyes, just like the beautiful but fragile archipelago they originate from.

The upstairs gallery space is devoted to Nick Cobbing’s stunning photographs of the expedition.

Cobbing 1456 Copyright Nick Cobbing GreenpeaceCobbing 9621 Copyright Nick Cobbing GreenpeaceCobbing 9810 Copyright Nick Cobbing Greenpeace
Frozen Relic: Arctic Works exhibition at the Architectural Association runs until 9th February at 36 Bedford Square, London WC1

ScanLAB Projects

Nick Cobbing

Architectural Association

Save The Arctic

All Photography © Nick Cobbing




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