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22 março, 2013
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YOO is proud to support the Whole World Water campaign that launched today. The Whole World Water campaign is designed to unite the hospitality and tourism industry in a non-competitive platform to provide clean and safe water to nearly 1 billion people. 

YOO has embraced the initiative which  means we will not use plastic bottled water but instead filter and bottle our own, which will be used in the public areas of our developments and all YOO Hotels. This makes an immediate positive environmental impact of reducing plastic waste and supply-chain carbon footprint. 10% of the sale of the water goes straight into the Whole World Water Fund, bringing safe, sustainable water to global communities. This virtuous circle will unite the travel and hospitality industry to work as one to really make a difference to the global environment.

Click here for a statement from YOO Founder John Hitchcox.

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John said, “I believe that making a mark on the world shouldn’t leave an environmental footprint. Everything is connected – and to every action there is a reaction. We want to take responsibility for our place in the world, which is why we’re supporting Whole World Water. Water is a precious resource, essential to life, but a billion people worldwide don’t have access to clean, safe water. We’re committed to help make this change.” 

YOO Hotels CEO Marco Nijhof said, “The concept is simple and radical, and one that YOO Hotels backs 100%. We hope this will mobilise our sector into taking positive action to do business that balances environmental, health and economic issues. We pledge to install the WWW filtration system in as many YOO Hotels as we can, and to be ambassadors for the initiative globally.” 

Industry members and travellers everywhere were invited to tune into the WHOLE WORLD Water Google+ Hangout, on Friday, March 22, World Water Day, at 11:00am GMT.

This groundbreaking WHOLE WORLD Water Google+ Hangout will highlight how governments can work with the private sector to drive positive, sustainable change. Participants in the Hangout will include President Waheed; Sir Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group and Virgin Unite; Sonu Shivdasani, Chairman of Soneva Resorts & Spas and co-Founder and Trustee of WHOLE WORLD Water; Dinda Elliott, Global Affairs Editor at Conde Nast Traveler; Mike Bettes, Meteorologist at the Weather Channel; Michael d’Estries, co-founder of Ecorazzi.com; Jenifer Willig and Karena Albers, co-founders of WHOLE WORLD Water.

For more information about WHOLE WORLD Water, please visit www.wholeworldwater.co

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