Oh my Boracay!

Revista - Oh my Boracay!

24 outubro, 2012

It is very rare to find a true bolthole, an untouched paradise, these days.  We all dream of escaping the ring-ring, hello-hello world of incessant communication, the rat race of endless hours staring into the glare of a computer screen. When the only thing between you and rickets is your MacBook screen glare, it’s time to declare an emergency evacuation.

bocaray 04

And there is no better place to disconnect from the world and reconnect with yourself, than Boracay. A veritable untouched island in the heart of the Philippines with pristine beaches, aqua blue water and the type of untouched luxury that we used to use to describe Koh Samui, Kerala or the Maldives about 20 years ago.

Boracay has historically only been on the radar of  one set of patrons – kitesurfers. It is without doubt, the number one kite surfing beach in the world. Gentle, constant breeze blowing through the coconut trees, lulling hammocks into a sleepy haze and sweeping kites across the bay. It’s an idyllic scene. A postcard of perfection. 

bocaray 03

Sand, so soft, it is actually a cliché. I have no words that don’t sound distinctly passé. And water so clear, you would be forgiven for thinking you were in the Bahamas.

Too good to be true? Probably. Here’s the catch. Like all things pure and virginal, it is only matter of time, until they become worldly-wise and well-known. Boracay is seeing a year on year growth in tourism of about 18%. Fast becoming a destination for those who would normally head to Phuket or the tropics of Africa, Boracay is growing in popularity. There is a burgeoning nightlife, and in fact has been cited as the “next Ibiza” by some publications. Then there is the substantial investment by the Philippines Government in infrastucture, including new roads and a new airport -  the latter is due to open in 2014.

There is still something deliciously untouched about Boracay. Probably because, truthfully, it takes some commitment to get to. But like all jewels, a bit of digging is well rewarded. The new airport will provide easier access and undoubtedly increase tourism. This is no bad thing, especially for the local economy.   In fact low inflation rates and 5% economic growth, makes the Philippines a key market to watch. CBRE, a large real estate agency with operations in the region said recently, “The Philippines is no longer the sick man of Asia, it is now the sweet spot for investors.”

bocaray 2

YOO were listening. We have recently begun to work on a new residential development on the pristine calm side of the island of Boracay. It is a 126 apartment development centred around a series of pools and overlooking one of the most perfect beaches I have ever seen.

Committed to protecting the environment, the team even moved local coconut trees to better positions to ensure their health and continued survival. And then there were the turtles. The local construction team discovered a nest of turtle eggs and decided to watch over it day and night, to ensure the hatchlings were safe and reached the sea, hopefully ensuring a greater chance of survival.

bocaray 02

Aqua Boracay by YOO will be a fully-serviced residential development offering more than just breathtaking views and an escape from the rat race, it is also be an investment opportunity that allows buyers to have a home from home in a paradise location, with the added comfort of knowing that the property is fully maintained by a global hotel operator.

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