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Revista - YOO Interviews Sagar Chordia

18 febrero, 2013

Michelle van Vuuren interviews Sagar Chordia, Director of Panchshil Group, in Pune, India

Q: What do you think are the main attractions of branded developments for customers?

Indians are becoming quality and designer savvy. With rising incomes, the influx of luxury brands entering the market, and more Indians travelling abroad than ever, we have become more aware of how we live and our outlook has become global-centric.

Branded residences offer a hassle-free one-stop solution since they usually include a plethora of services and amenities assuring clients that there are solutions and conveniences are at their doorstep.

Because of this, the concept of branded developments is ripe for a big boom in India – as it assures working with experienced international design houses, which percolates to better quality of life in the home, more conveniences and facilities, a seasoned and elevated aesthetic sense and style, and a symbol to show that you ‘have arrived’.

Q. Do you think demand for branded residences in India will continue to grow? If so, what is the appeal?

Absolutely. Branded residences command as much as a 25% to 50% premium over their non-branded counterparts.

From a customer’s perspective though, branded residences provide the perfect solution because they singularly offer a menu of world-class services – from world-renowned interior designers assuring quality, to on-site recreational, dining and housekeeping facilities and exclusive health clubs with in-house experts ... very much like hotel condos.

This is a great advantage to cash-rich and time-poor clients who perhaps have multiple homes and are looking for assurance that their homes will be move-in ready the next time they are visiting.

Q: What aspects of the design of YOO Pune appeal to the luxury consumer?

YOO is an intuitive lifestyle concept tailored to the worldly-wise, intelligent and discerning client that keeps his background, ideology and lifestyle paramount and delivers a result which, above all else, is a tribute to his life’s story and journey. With YOOpune, YOO and Panchshil have delivered a new lifestyle, not experienced before in India. YOOpune is your sanctuary in the heart of a multi-faceted city.

At YOO Pune, Philippe has crafted two distinct style palettes Nature and Classic which customers can choose from to make their homes quintessentially theirs.

YOO Pune31
Q: What are signature aspects of public space at YOO Pune?

YOO Pune is situated on a unique site that spans 17 acres and includes a lush, historic rainforest. The 228 luxurious homes in six towers overlook trees as old as 100 years. Award-winning landscape architect, Bill Bensley, has used his distinctive style to weave magic into these resplendent settings. YOO Pune takes you into a charming retreat with an air of exclusivity, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

A spectrum of carefully chosen amenities include the world famous Six Senses Spa, located within the magnificent rain-forest; a variety of swimming pools, recreation options for children and families such as basketball and tennis court. There is also a cigar room which is housed at the original historic bungalow at the site.

YOO Pune is also unique as it has a historic 5-acre rainforest in the heart of the property, an underground Six Senses spa, a cigar lounge which is housed within the original Colonial-style bungalow on-site and to top it fabulous landscaping by Bill Bensley.

Q: Are there certain aspects of a community that you get in YOO Pune that you don’t get elsewhere?

At the forefront, YOO Pune is all about community. Since YOO Pune is an invitation-only property, we are very careful during our selection process. We try to make sure that the property has like-minded families who will live together and gain from the experience of living in the community.

Also, the list of amenities and services at YOO Pune make it a very self-sufficient property.

YOO Pune13
Q: How important are gardens and green space when designing developments?

As our lives get more chaotic and as the urban landscape grows, more and more people seek places to unwind and reconnect with themselves. Green spaces are cathartic.

At YOO Pune, we have kept the original 5-acre rainforest intact and through ingenious design, ensured that it is an integral part of the property. All YOO Pune residences have beautiful views of the green forest making it the ultimate place to unwind after a long day’s work.

Q: What are the main challenges facing the property market over the next 12 months?

Very high interest rates and government taxes are the two major hurdles the real estate industry is facing.

If the government is able to create conducive environment policy around this space, it will grow further in coming years. There will be more traction and more demand in this space if the buyer, too, is empowered by competitive interest rates.

Q: How is the social fabric of a development reflected by the brand – to what extent does the brand attract a certain type of person?

The brand dictates a lot. It promises the buyer a certain quality of the tangibles (of the home, finishings, service etc) and the intangibles (aesthetics, lifestyle and neighbours) which are unique to it. People are loyal to brands that reflect their personalities.

Q: What is next for Panchshil? What exciting projects are in the pipeline?

We are going through a very exciting phase at the moment. After partnering with US luxury developer Donald Trump for their first Indian project, Trump Towers Pune, Panchshil has recently collaborated with YOO to work with Kelly Hoppen for our Wagholi Estates project in Pune. We will also bring Pune its first World Trade Centre by being a part of the World Trade Centre Association.

Click here to look at YOO and Panchshil Group's most recent project YOO Pune.



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