YOO Cumbayá

US CUMB terrace 31 0001 res US CUMB TC 116 0004b res US CUMB pool 43 0000 res US CUMB pool 43 0002 US CUMB pool 44 0009 res SRAR YOOCumbaya SRN2238 1024x683 SRAR YOOCumbaya SRN2109 1024x684 SRAR YOOCumbaya SRN2054 SRAR YOOCumbaya SRN1893 1280x854 US CUMB lounge min 27b res US cumb triplex kitchen living class 30 res US CUMB bath class 16 01 res SRAR YOOCumbaya ARS8460 1280x852 SRAR YOOCumbaya ARS8531 1280x852 SRAR YOOCumbaya ARS8520 1280x852 SRAR YOOCumbaya SRN2294 1024x684

Cumbayá, Ecuador

  • Designer
    YOO inspired by Starck
  • DeveloperUribe Schwarzkopf
  • TypeResidential
  • SummaryYOO arrives in Ecuador
  • StatusFor Sale
  • Websitewww.yoocumbaya.com/

YOO Cumbaya is surrounded by green spaces and big squares, offering a lifestyle which is in line with the nature that surrounds it. It is located strategically within the best residential area of the Cumbaya Valley and the ethos of YOO Cumbaya is simple – to offer its residents a lifestyle and way of life that cannot be found elsewhere in Ecuador. Through the public spaces, amenities and apartments YOO Cumbaya promotes good living in beautiful surroundings.




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