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News - YOO Montreal launches

“Montreal is an extremely unique city," says Philippe Starck, setting the scene for the launch of the first YOO inspired by Starck project in the Province of Quebec, "I don't believe there is anything like it anywhere else in the world."

Marking the first YOO project in Montreal, the elegant residential development, set to be built in the Future Cultural Corridor of Griffintown, Canada, will soon become one of most sought-after addresses in the region, standing out for the splendour of its architecture and its harmonious integration of the history of its vibrant, creative and historical neighbourhood. Located at the corner of Ottawa and Young streets, YOO Montreal will comprise more than 96 apartments over 20 storeys, offering unrivalled views over downtown Montreal.

140227 Starck and Maxime Lachance BW Low Res2
Philippe Starck, Creative Director of YOO inspired by Starck, and Maxime Lachance, President of Constructions Chapam

The project is created by YOO in an exciting partnership with Maxime Lachance, President of Constructions Chapam. The collaboration between YOO and Chapam is a natural fit. Chapham understands the importance of the home environment and, like YOO, is committed to delivering a superior lifestyle and championing exceptional design that enhances peoples' lives.

"In the past few years, Griffintown has been gradually transforming back into a residential area," says Lachance, "but it has preserved traces of its industrial history. The materials chosen to create the YOO Montreal project will thus evoke the past, whilst being adapted to the present and designed for the long-term.”

Starck: "What makes a city a fertile location for creativity?

“Working with an innovative developer like Chapam, in the vibrant Future Cultural Corridor of Griffintown is the ideal fit for the first YOO inspired by Starck project in Montreal," adds John Hitchcox, YOO Co-founder and Chairman. "We truly have created a new style of living the city has not seen before.”

Indeed, galvanised by its vibrant setting, YOO Montreal promises a living experience that is beyond compare. Redefining the boundaries of property design, it will be home for those who live for beauty , history, design and contemporary art. The development’s pool, hot tubs, fireplace-adorned terraces, state-of-the-art fitness centre and restaurant offering room service to the building’s occupants will enchant those with an eye for innovation, and a desire to relax and be entertained.

Reception Lobby YOO Montreal
Griffintown's history is also deeply reflected in YOO Montreal and the project forms part of the town’s redevelopment. The area began as a residential neighbourhood in the 1800s and subsequently evolved into a thriving industrial community. "Griffintown, in particular, is an extraordinary place," says Starck of the location. "An area that is born and reborn. The colourful mosaic, cultural richness, and vibrancy of Montreal and its Griffintown district provide the ideal soil for the creation of the kind of fertile surprises that YOO specialises in – spaces and objects designed to open people’s eyes, engage conversation and spark interaction.”

Image: via Nino H

YOO inspired by Starck’s design concept for YOO Montreal is based on the raw materiality of the architecture of the building, with use of concrete, timber and leather to represent mineral, vegetable and animal –the three kingdoms of nature. Creative use of reflection and reflective surfaces contrast against a rough, utilitarian backdrop; polished chromes and sparkling chandeliers are set against concrete flooring, end-grain cut timber patchwork and shuttered concrete surfaces. Images and references to horses also feature throughout the scheme as homage to the Griffintown Stables, which lend a strong character to the surrounding area. 

"I could say that within the passionate city of Montreal, we have created a passionate place for passionate people," continues Starck.

Outdoor Dining YOO Montreal
YOO Montreal will offer residents a choice of three YOO Inspired by Starck design palettes for the apartments: Minimal, Nature, and Culture; offering a choice of fixtures and finishes to suit each buyer’s preferences.

The Culture palette embraces YOO’s passion for objects and concepts of the past and juxtaposes them with the most awe-inspiring designs of today. Rooted in richness and boldness, the final result is an intriguing composition that at once conveys a powerful sense of history that is always forward-looking.

Rooted in the city dweller’s desire to bring nature into their urban environment, the Nature palette is ideal for those who worship blue skies, rising suns and the scent of fresh air. The colours and materials are drawn from a spectrum of gentle, natural hues: pale sun and ocean-bleached wood, and sand and grey pebble blended with soft greens.

Minimal is the answer for those who stand for purity and simplicity. Water and air are the primary inspirations of this palette, which represents the perfect balance between pragmatism and estheticism. Minimal is clean and smooth, and encompasses geometric and conceptual spaces. Bare brick, elementary shapes and soft colours come together in this luminescent palette.

Find out more about the project at www.YOOmontreal.com 



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