Little Luxuries: Marcel Wanders

News - Little Luxuries: Marcel Wanders

Marcel Wanders is a product and interior designer who has earned international acclaim for his unique, decorative modern style. With a sense of theatricality and a remarkable use of space and textures, Marcel’s interiors have equally garnered international acclaim. Here he shares with us a few of the luxuries that make his life that little bit more wonderful.

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On the road

"I like to travel light, but I never travel without my notebook. I love to draw and sketch ideas all the time but generally the only time I get is on a plane or waiting at the airport. I also like to travel with several pairs of sneakers. They are my passion. I like to walk around in whatever city I am in, it is a great way to understand a new place and can give access to some of the most beautiful places in the world."


Intellectual stimulation

"At the moment I am fascinated with ‘Worshiping the Ancestors: Chinese Commemorative Portraits’ a catalogue of portraits from the Ming and Qing dynasty of China. The portraits are brightly coloured, near life size works of people, generally commissioned posthumously by family members in honor by their ancestors. Interestingly, these beautiful works were rarely viewed when contemporary, and in a way were dismissed as ‘snap shots’ that were just hung in family homes. Each portrait was commissioned in love and in worship to those who came before them. I find this homage to predecessors extremely powerful, the idea of encapsulating the past is present in everything I do, each design I make, the way I see it, nothing grows old faster than the new."



"One of my favourite items is the Rainbow necklace that I designed a few years ago. Each stone has its symbol and meaning – the golden Nose logo, a One Minute Delft Blue bead, mosaics from Bisazza and Baccarat, and even a Viagra pill. It's the only necklace I wear and I take it everywhere I go, it brings me good luck! It's become a kind of personal journal."


Tech savvy

"I love the potential of technology, both for medical and scientific development but also for emotional benefit. I created not long ago an app called Milestone that helps you remember how long ago - or how long until - a special moment that is meaningful to you. The app counts down in days, hours, minutes and seconds to give us a completely new perception of time. It also allows you to share these special moments with our friends."

milestone wetransfer wallpaper 00102 se3
Ultimate indulgence

"My ultimate indulgence are sneakers. I don’t know how many I have at this point, but I just love them. I have a huge collection and wear them everywhere. Considering I always wear black or white, the fluorescent colours and patterns help light up my outfit."

nike sportswear nylon dunk hi pack front3

Essential item of clothing

"I have my suits specially made by Pal Zileri in Milan but for the rest of my clothes, I shop in Tokyo. It is just the coolest city particularly if you are a man with a more creative style. On my most recent trip I picked up a pair of raw embroidered jeans. I also have a long love affair with Nigo’s Bape." 

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Wine and dine

"For my exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam I developed a Pinned UP cocktail together with Bols. It comes in a non alcoholic and in an alcoholic version and is made of Bols Genever, Bols Ederflower, fresh lemon juice, grapefruit wedge, fresh mint leaves and a dash of Gingerbeer. Very simple natural ingredients for a summery and flowery taste!"




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