Mira Moon's Mythology

News - Mira Moon's Mythology

September 3rd 2013

Inspired by the legend of an immortal goddess who dwelt in a mystical moon palace, her only companion a magical rabbit Marcel Wanders' masterpiece, the exquisite Mira Moon Hotel in Hong Kong, is a beautiful example of the interplay between mythology and design. Here we explore the fairy tale that inspired this iconic hotel.

The Moon Festival (also known as Mid-Autumn Festival) is the second most important day on the Chinese lunar calendar. The original purpose of the Mid-Autumn Festival was to celebrate the end of the harvest season. The Moon Festival is a celebration of maternal bonding and family. Friends and family (no matter where they live in the world) gather for one special reunion dinner. Delicacies to be served include traditional dishes such as round dumplings and sweet soups. The night ends with the viewing of the majestic moon, accompanied by special servings of moon cakes.



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