Global Insights 6th April 2014

News - Global Insights 6th April 2014

Last Chance: Almost Anything Goes: Architecture and Inclusivity


What? 'Almost Anything Goes: Architecture and Inclusivity'
Where? Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara, USA
When? Now, until April 13th 2014

In this day and age there is so much cross-over between art, design and architecture it's difficult to categorise anything! All we can be sure of is that boundaries are being pushed and ideas and technology are moving forward. Almost Anything Goes: Architecture and Inclusivity highlights this fact!

The Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara presents six Los Angeles-based creatives whose work embraces cross-fertilization, collaboration, and adaptation—thus creating new methodologies for research and implementation in the fields of architecture and beyond.

Full info here

Just Opened: Wegner - Just One Good Chair


What? 'Wegner - Just One Good Chair'
Where? Design Museum Denmark. Copenhagen, Denmark
When? Now, until 2nd November 2014

Hans J. Wegner was the ultimate chair designer and one the world's most prolific designers. He paved the way for the international breakthrough of Danish Design in the years after World War II. So many of his designs are still reproduced and the originals are sought after. Exploring the logic and potential of wood, he created many of the prototypes in his workshop and before the days of computers, he created complex, aesthetic forms with natural materials. Now the Design Museum Danmark celebrates the 100th anniversary of Hans J. Wegner’s birth with the exhibition “Hans J. Wegner – just one good chair.”

Full info here

Must See: The Wallpaper Lab


What? 'The Wallpaper Lab'
Where? Musée des Arts décoratifs. Paris, France.
When? Now, until May 11th 2014

The Wallpaper Lab is the key annual rendez-vous for contemporary wallpaper creation at the Les Arts Décoratifs. For the 5th time, five creators compete to design the most imaginative wallpaper of tomorrow. It's all too common to see a room with clean white walls or painted out in a single colour block. Wallpaper allows surfaces to have more personality through texture, pattern and colour and this annual exhibition celebrates just that.

Full info here



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